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 CW (CLUB WAR) Guide !!!

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PostSubject: CW (CLUB WAR) Guide !!!   Sat Feb 09, 2008 4:26 am


1. Teleport at the Buggy near the [College Square], then proceed to the Northern side where the entrance to the Computer Room is located.

2. Four warp doors can be seen on the floor, representing the 3 campuses and the entrance of the Computer Room located in the Trading Hole.

3. You can freely enter and leave through these warp doors, including the Computer Rooms.

4. This is the main building of the Computer Room.

5. The nurse at the entrance sells various kinds of supportive items, giving players a chance to recover from battle. Players are recommended to set their Starting Point here. One of the items on sale is the [Authentication CD], which is only available to the Club Leader.

6. Here is the entrance of the Computer Room.

7. After entering the room, the map will show the [Main Computer] and the [Safes] at the North side.

8. The Club Leader possessing the [Authentication CD] can perform authentication here.

9. Once authentication has started, a timing bar will be displayed, timed at one (1) minute.

10. Once authentication is successful, the system will broadcast the winning team. The Club Master will then proceed to change the tax rate.

11. The Treasure Box is ready for use by the winning team.

12. Computer Room Control Authority will be owned by the winning club until the next war.

13. With authority in hand, one club will be able to set the tax rate, between 0 50% (normal is 5%). This club will be entitled to all the tax revenue generated by their assigned tax rate.

14. When the Club Leader validates the transaction fees, a notification will be sent to other Computer Room owners.

15. When the Club Wars commence, the tax rates for all areas are reset to 5%, including the College Square.


1. For security reason, players can only go through the Public Bus or College Square to transfer between Computer Rooms. The Save Point may change at the entrance of the Computer Room. However, once inside, the Save Point cannot be changed anymore.

2. The Club Leader of the participating club have to purchase an [Authentication CD] at the entrance of the Computer Room. The [Authentication CD] is not a normal CD; it will last for only two (2) days.

3. Club Wars are carried out throughout all RAN campuses. A club from a rival campus may take hold of club leadership of another campus, and therefore wrest control of the tax of that campus' map.

4. Any club member of the winning club can freely access the Computer Room; other players can only access the Computer Room during the war.

5. Announcements will be made at intervals of 1 hour, 30 minutes and 10 minutes before the actual war commences at scheduled hour.

6.During the war, PK status will be turned on against opposing clubs.

7. Players will be unable to use Campus Return Cards or Soul Return Balls in the Computer Room.

8. The attacking club will perform an authentication process at the Mainframe Terminal. Should the succeed, they will be in control of the Computer Room and all other clubs will be forced out of the room. These other clubs would have to enter the Computer Room again and make their way back to the Mainframe Terminal.

9. Only the Club Master in charge of the [Authentication CD] can perform the authentication process. If the Club Master is offline during the event, a Club Senior who has been authorized by the Club Master to authenticate can perform the process.

10. The last club controlling the Computer Room at the end of the war will be declared the winner.

11. During the war, experience will not be deducted for any death occuring in the Computer Room. However, items may be dropped during this period.

12. At the start of the Club Wars, the tax rate will revert to 5% until a winner is determined. The winner will then set their desired tax rate.

13. Should a player fall during the war, he/she will be expelled from the Computer Room. If the Save Point is set at the entrance, revival will occur at the nurse by the entrance. During wartime, players may freely go in and out of the Computer Room. When the Club War is through, players will no longer be able to enter the Computer Room, even though the nurse is still around.

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CW (CLUB WAR) Guide !!!
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